Italian Prime at Salvatore’s

Lancaster, NY 2018

The aim of this project was to take a grand yet dated restaurant interior and transform it to meld seamlessly with the adjacent, recently constructed luxury hotel and bar. Challenges of re imagining a brand synonymous with premier luxury, included incorporating an existing large, heavy wood wine rack wall, maintaining intimate dining areas while removing dated half walls and iron railings, and keeping a signature starry sky acoustic ceiling. Floor to ceiling velvet drapes simultaneously provide glamour and privacy to the individual dining areas. Wood column details and wood porcelain tile flooring tie back to similar details found in the adjacent hotel. Through extensive editing of decorative decor items, a new elegance is created through careful attention to details. The luminous wallpaper layered with simple painted panel moldings, elegantly detailed pocket doors and over sized wall sconces create a chic modern interior. Crystal chandeliers grace each space, providing the signature over the top glamorous vibe for the restaurant. This phase of the restaurant renovation, the first in 25 years, will be the start of a larger wholesale interiors update- creating a lush, polished palette that will bring a first-class establishment into this decade and keep them exquisite for many years to come.