buffalo computer graphics

Hamburg, Fall 2011

Buffalo Computer Graphics, a software and hardware design firm founded in Buffalo, New York in 1982, split their facilities between two aging buildings until they retained our firm to design a new, state-of-the-art Corporate, Engineering, and Production Facility in Hamburg, New York. The 23,000 square foot building was designed with four distinctive parts, beginning with the corporate “Image” entrance, reception area, waiting room and board room. The second area includes the server room, training, production and shipping. The engineers and designers were ensconced into a soaring space with a central monitor for day-lighting and plenty of natural light. This space is airy and bright with different areas for interactive thought and individual decompression. The last portion of the building is the game room, fitness facility, and shower rooms, encouraging fitness for both the body and the mind. The amenities also include two distinct patio areas, which take advantage of the sun during all times of the day. These spaces are exposed to the building’s wireless networking system, allowing the staff to work either indoors or out.

Photos Copyright 2011 James Cavanaugh