The Martin group

477 Main Street, Buffalo, 2014

This 1929 load bearing brick and concrete framed building sat vacant for almost two decades following the closing of a restaurant. The abandoned structure housed dark and unwelcoming spaces within the deep and narrow site. Little opportunities for expansion existed due to being land locked on three sides. A 1,500 sf second floor addition was added using light weight wood construction on a separate structural post system to avoid upsetting the neighboring structures. A linear skylight running the length of the building and an open stair was added to allow daylight to penetrate the recesses of the building. An open work space and free flow of communication is important in the daily function of the offices. The second floor addition was recessed from the main façade wall to allow the owner a private balcony while addressing the rhythm this building plays within the elevation of the urban block. The façade received a complete facelift using the concept of a Modrian painting from the De Stijl movement.