If TV Characters Were Architects

It's January in Buffalo, which means most of us take the rare gift of a snow-day and use that time to binge watch a show or movie on Netflix. I'm personally guilty of a binge-session or two, but watching this myriad of shows got me thinking- some of our favorite TV characters would make great architects!

Take Sherlock Holmes (from the show Sherlock, a series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories) for example. Sherlock's exceptional intellect and remarkable powers of observation would enable him to create architectural masterpieces that transcend conventional design techniques. 


Another character that would make an interesting architect is Dr. Derek Shepherd, from Grey's Anatomy. Not only did he design his own house on the show, but think of all the intricite architectural creations he could come up with using his immense knowledge of the inner workings of the human brain! 

grey's poster.jpg

Call me crazy, but I could even see Spongebob Squarepants making a name for himself in the architecture world! I mean who wouldn't want to live in a pineapple under the sea?!


Don't think we've forgotten about our female characters! Imagine if Leslie Knope from Parks And Recreation were an architect! Her determination and spunk alone would serve her well in the design world. Her desire to pursue a life of public service could certainly be served in the architecture field, perhaps in the historic preservation sector?! If all else fails I'm certain she'd design an excellent waffle house. 


What if you could take one of YOUR favorite television characters and make them an architect? Who would you choose? Let us know in the comments below! 

CANstruction 2016: The Season of Giving

WGRZ tells the story of how our CANstruction creations come to life! Made possible by a $10,000 donation from Tops Friendly Markets, all 8,000 cans used to create the display are donated to the Food Bank of WNY when the display comes down; helping those in need in an event called Food2Families. This year, we broke one of last year's records, completing the project in just two and a half days! This is our eighth year participating in CANstruction and we couldn't be happier to present this replica Silo City, complete with Barbie kayakers! There were so many donations the silo is literally pouring over with food! 

Day 1 of construction!

Day 1 of construction!

Day 2 of construction!

Day 2 of construction!

Silo's overflowing with donations to Food Bank of WNY

Silo's overflowing with donations to Food Bank of WNY

Silo City

Silo City

Canalside Kayakers 

Canalside Kayakers 

Chatting with Mix96 about our inspiration for our replica Silo City CANstruction display!

Chatting with Mix96 about our inspiration for our replica Silo City CANstruction display!

Restoring Buffalo And Beyond

Thanks to Buffalo News reporter, Jonathan Epstein, for this wonderful article on partner Steve Carmina and our entire firm! We're excited for the continued efforts towards Buffalo's resurgence, but we’re also moving to other cities. We’ve got projects in Utica, and we’re looking at buildings for clients in Albany. The future is bright for CWM! 

Read the full article here

Media Mavens - Catching Up With CWM


There's so much happening in our offices lately we thought we'd help you catch up on some of the latest and greatest moments in the media!

Most recently, we were featured on Ch2-WGRZ for our project in progress at the AP Lofts on Swan Street. Ron Plants was kind enough to interview Partner Steve Carmina about the project, which will feature a residential renovation with 147 one and two bedroom loft apartments. Steve says, "It's really meant for easy access, pedestrian access to Larkinville, and also to the city, you're a stone's through from the medical campus. If you're working at Larkinville or the medical campus or in the city and you make $30,000 you could afford to live here." 

We were also showcased on AM-Buffalo, when Linda Pellegrino stopped by our offices to talk about our Fifteen Year Anniversary! All five of our partners were able to share with Linda the progress downtown Buffalo has made and how our firm has been, and continues to be, a huge part of that momentum!

We're not just video stars either, Jonathan Epstein at the Buffalo News focused two recent articles on some of our projects in progress. The first was on our partnership with the Kissling Interests LLC and our work on the historic White Building at 298 Main Street. 

Pictured left is the updated lobby, featuring a blend of natural white marble, porcelain, and limestone that seamlessly create an open and inviting entrance. Make sure you check out the story here!

The second Epstein article was for our work on the previously mentioned AP Lofts restoration (historic photo pictured right). Although the video includes quotes from Steve too, the print article discusses the plans to cut a big hole through the center of the building, creating an inner courtyard, allowing it to put apartments around the interior core. Read the full article here. 

As you can see, there's plenty of CWM News for you to catch up on! Don't miss out on current updates by signing up for our newsletter (see that box on the left hand side of your screen? Use that! All we ask for is your name and email and you're all set!). While you're at it, you should probably follow us on social media too (all of those handy dandy links are at the top of your screen, front and center!). Thanks for tuning in!

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WE'RE FAMOUS!! Well...kind-of ;-) 

In case you missed it, the CWM team was fortunate to be featured on WKBW's AM-Buffalo segment, where we got to toot our own horn a bit about all the great projects we've been a part of throughout Buffalo for the past fifteen years! Make sure you watch the video by clicking here:


From rendering to real life! The historic White Building restoration at 298 Main Street is moving right along!

OUR FACES: Meet the CWM Team!

Stephanie Lutz, Administrative Assistant

Favorite place for Happy Hour? Big Ditch

What do you consider your hidden talent? Singing

Who would you most like to have dinner with? Carrie Underwood

Best piece of advice? Never let anyone tell you that you can't have another piece of cake.

AWARD: Best Places to Work

Thanks to a survey sent out by Buffalo Business First, we were honored as one of the Best Places To Work! We truly are a second family here at CWM, and are so fortunate to be able to do what we love, with who we love! 


We're SO close to 200 followers on Instagram; make sure you're following us at carminawoodmorris


Happy Birthday to John Whaley from our Architecture Department!

GIVE BACK: 500 Block Student Project

Once again, we are partnering with Buffalo State and the 500 Block Association to provide the Sophomore Interior Design students with a unique class project. After a recent tour of the 500 Block, the students will now have the chance to create a four-unit mixed-use infill project, continuing the block's development and increasing awareness of the resurgence happening downtown! 


Hey reader, thanks for joining us! Tune in next month for even more CWM News and don't forget to send your thoughts or suggestions to dkubera@cwm-ae.com 

CANstruction 2014

The design theme for CANstruction 2014 was "CANEY Island," with plans to replicate a carnival one might find on Coney Island.


Sadly, our CANstruction project took a tumble on our second day of construction. The good news is, all the cans and nonperishable food items used will still be donated to the Food Bank of WNY and will be distributed this holiday season to families in need throughout WNY! We know that this will only propel us to do an even bigger and better display next year! 

Some of our past CANstruction designs include:

2008 Bulldozer Hunger

2008 Bulldozer Hunger

2009 Feeding Hunger

2009 Feeding Hunger

2010 Stampeding Hunger

2010 Stampeding Hunger

2011 Building Blocks for Hunger

2011 Building Blocks for Hunger





Up and Coming Project: Phoenix Brewery

Matt Connors and Nick Sinatra have closed the deal, and we are working hard on this up and coming project. Our friends at The Buffalo News said "Sinatra now plans to spend about $3.5 million on top of the purchase price to renovate the structure into 35 to 40 high-end, market-rate apartments, aimed squarely at well-paid medical campus employees who want to be able to walk to work. The loft-style, luxury apartments are being designed “with an industrial feel to them to fit into the old, turn-of-the-century industrial Buffalo,” Sinatra said. They will have exposed brick and concrete floors, along with features “that will accentuate the historic brewery concept that will tie it into the whole building.”

On The Lookout

We have opened a search for a senior architect with a minimum 5 years non-residential experience to join our team as a Project Manager! We are looking for a highly organized and detail-oriented professional who demonstrates excellent client interaction skills, a strong understanding of design build projects, and effective working relationships with MEP / Structural consultants and proven experience managing multiple projects.

Sound like you? Click here for more details.

AIABEP Animal House Competition

One of our Interior Designers entered this years AIABEP Animal House Competition and although he did not receive an award we are very proud of his submission and wanted to show it off!

Parakeet Elaviatorium

This abandoned elevator shaft has been converted into an enclosure that provides parakeets with all the luxuries of their natural environment and simultaneously offers building tenants a unique bird watching experience. The Elaviatorium is composed of essential regions that each play an integral role in maintaining the animals well being.

Food is located at the lobby level. Seed and fruit are bordered by a pool of perpetually circulating water. Visitors to the building can get an intimate look at the birds from either side of the glass.

An aluminum tower ascends from the ground floor of the building, rises through the shaft, and soars above the rooftop. The narrow tower structure and low profile perimeter treatments make the shaft ideal for unobstructed flying and travel between levels. The levels are in rhythm with the building’s floors and consist of areas to nest and perch. A commitment to smooth structure and finishes creates and absence of superfluous ledges and niches. This dictates where nesting and perching occur. Lining the shaft are living walls that provide nesting materials and synchronized light fixtures that replicate natural daylight in order to maintain the bird’s circadian rhythm.

Viewing balconies at each level give homage to highly ornamented historical elevators while using materials associated with modern “aircraft” style.

At the rooftop of the Elaviatorium birds will find grit necessary for proper feeding, bathing areas, and open flying space. Angled glass panels refract light so as to not pose a danger by appearing too clear and unidentifiable.

March of Dimes

The March of Dimes, March for Babies event is one that many CWM staff annually attend and raise money for. (Here is everyone’s favorite partner Steve Carmina at this year’s event!)