Recreating The Falling Water House

Our interiors department did an amazing job recreating Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water house out of gingerbread for the Millington Lockwood competition!! 

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AUGUST 2016 NEWSLETTER- Salvatore's The Delavan

AUGUST 2016 NEWSLETTER- Salvatore's The Delavan

CONSTRUCTION WATCH: Highland Park Apartments

Project in Progress- An HCR funded project for People Inc., consisting of 38 one and two bedroom units. Classrooms from the Highland Park school are being converted into residential units maintaining the existing corridors and a majority of the walls, minimizing demolition. The original building was built in 1952, with an addition in 1983.

MONSTERS ON MAIN STREET: ChalkFest Buffalo 2016

Downtown Buffalo's annual event, Chalkfest Buffalo, was a scary good time! We're honored to sponsor such a wonderful event every year. This year our own Marketing Coordinator, Darra Kubera, designed the tee shirt and flyer artwork, pictured to the right:

OUR FACES: Meet the CWM Team!

Paul Lang, AIA, LEED AP BD+C | Associate

Hobbies: Home brewing, Volleyball, Following Local & Collegiate Sports

Person you most admire (outside of family): Winston Churchill

Favorite Novel: Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino

Keys to Success: Hardwork and balance to life. "Take care of the little things, and the big things will take care of themselves."

PHOTO OP: Throwback Thursday

How's this for a throwback?! All of our current partners (plus Fred) at our 10th anniversary party in 2011! 

CONGRATS: Registered Architect

Congratulations to Joe Dorobiala, who passed all seven sections of the Architect Registration exam!

CELEBRATE: Delavan Hosts Grand Opening Party

We would once again like to thank and congratulate the Salvatore family on a successful partnership that resulted in the fabulous Delavan Hotel, which had their grand opening celebration party this month!


Thank you Buffalo Rising for naming Partner Jon Morris an honoree on this year's C-Level Executives List! The fifth annual awards honor Western New York's most effective business leaders.


Happy Birthday to two of our Engineers: Partner Chris Wood and Adam Hanley!


We hope everyone has had a safe and happy summer! Thanks for taking some time away from the sunshine to read our newsletter. As always, email our Marketing Coordinator at with suggestions for our next edition!

Media Mavens - Catching Up With CWM


There's so much happening in our offices lately we thought we'd help you catch up on some of the latest and greatest moments in the media!

Most recently, we were featured on Ch2-WGRZ for our project in progress at the AP Lofts on Swan Street. Ron Plants was kind enough to interview Partner Steve Carmina about the project, which will feature a residential renovation with 147 one and two bedroom loft apartments. Steve says, "It's really meant for easy access, pedestrian access to Larkinville, and also to the city, you're a stone's through from the medical campus. If you're working at Larkinville or the medical campus or in the city and you make $30,000 you could afford to live here." 

We were also showcased on AM-Buffalo, when Linda Pellegrino stopped by our offices to talk about our Fifteen Year Anniversary! All five of our partners were able to share with Linda the progress downtown Buffalo has made and how our firm has been, and continues to be, a huge part of that momentum!

We're not just video stars either, Jonathan Epstein at the Buffalo News focused two recent articles on some of our projects in progress. The first was on our partnership with the Kissling Interests LLC and our work on the historic White Building at 298 Main Street. 

Pictured left is the updated lobby, featuring a blend of natural white marble, porcelain, and limestone that seamlessly create an open and inviting entrance. Make sure you check out the story here!

The second Epstein article was for our work on the previously mentioned AP Lofts restoration (historic photo pictured right). Although the video includes quotes from Steve too, the print article discusses the plans to cut a big hole through the center of the building, creating an inner courtyard, allowing it to put apartments around the interior core. Read the full article here. 

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March Madness with CWM! Check out our latest monthly newsletter:



WE'RE FAMOUS!! Well...kind-of ;-) 

In case you missed it, the CWM team was fortunate to be featured on WKBW's AM-Buffalo segment, where we got to toot our own horn a bit about all the great projects we've been a part of throughout Buffalo for the past fifteen years! Make sure you watch the video by clicking here:


From rendering to real life! The historic White Building restoration at 298 Main Street is moving right along!

OUR FACES: Meet the CWM Team!

Stephanie Lutz, Administrative Assistant

Favorite place for Happy Hour? Big Ditch

What do you consider your hidden talent? Singing

Who would you most like to have dinner with? Carrie Underwood

Best piece of advice? Never let anyone tell you that you can't have another piece of cake.

AWARD: Best Places to Work

Thanks to a survey sent out by Buffalo Business First, we were honored as one of the Best Places To Work! We truly are a second family here at CWM, and are so fortunate to be able to do what we love, with who we love! 


We're SO close to 200 followers on Instagram; make sure you're following us at carminawoodmorris


Happy Birthday to John Whaley from our Architecture Department!

GIVE BACK: 500 Block Student Project

Once again, we are partnering with Buffalo State and the 500 Block Association to provide the Sophomore Interior Design students with a unique class project. After a recent tour of the 500 Block, the students will now have the chance to create a four-unit mixed-use infill project, continuing the block's development and increasing awareness of the resurgence happening downtown! 


Hey reader, thanks for joining us! Tune in next month for even more CWM News and don't forget to send your thoughts or suggestions to 

Women's History Month

Celebrating "Women's History Month" With The Ladies Of CWM:

Last October, we celebrated "Women In Business" month with an interview of the women that make up the Carmina Wood Morris team, which resulted in some surprising insights! Now, in honor of "Women's History Month," we're going to revisit that initial interview and dig a little deeper into what makes the ladies of CWM who they are. 

At CWM our entire team is passionate about the work we do. When Pam, Partner and Director of Interior Design, was asked about her passions she said; "I am passionate about my family and my work. I strive to be the best I possibly can as mom, wife, coworker, designer, and advocate for my clients." Danielle, from our Architecture department, answered that she strives to learn something new every day. Shari, also from our Architecture department, brings her passion for music, traveling, and all art mediums to each project she works on. 

Our team gains inspiration from fellow women in business, such as Katherine Hepburn, who according to Jessica in our Interiors department, "knew how to work with the boys while still being a lady." Wendy, an associate of our firm, said her first architectural boss, Gail, inspired her to be compassionate and always try to put herself in the clients shoes. Wendy says, "We did a lot of community outreach and while the paycheck was important, it wasn't the end goal. Gail just happened to be a woman. I love CWM because they have the same culture." 

Motivation is never in short supply in our office. Whether it be perspective, advice, or just a cup of coffee- our team sticks together to bring the best out of one another. Our Administrative Assistant, Stephanie, always says "don't give up," and is constantly bringing cheer to the office. Lee from our Interiors department uses her "famous" chocolate chip cookies to make others happy (you certainly won't hear any complaints from us about that!). 

This March, we thank the women that have impacted us, and hope we can continue to do what we love with the people we love, and maybe inspire someone else along the way. 

About the author: Darra is our Marketing Coordinator, and although she made all the ladies answer these “silly” questions she feels weird answering and writing about them herself. So all she’s going to say is that she brings plenty of organization to the team, paired with an annoying obsession for turning things in on time (aka early), and a lot of loud laughter. 

Women In Business: What the ladies of CWM bring to the office

October is celebrated as “Women In Business” month. According to the National Women’s Business Council, women account for 28.7% of all businesses nationwide while the United States ranks first for female entrepreneurship. In honor of this celebration, we took some time to interview the ladies that make up the Carmina Wood Morris team, resulting in some surprising insights! 


When asked to name a woman in business that has been inspiring, Partner and Director of Interiors Pam Timby-Straitiff named Ann Freer, the owner of Chez Ann Salon, saying “she has tremendous passion for her business, clients, and employees. I trust her judgment implicitly and often say to myself, ‘what would Ann do’.” Lee Schlatterer from our interiors department says her younger sister, who is a MSS MLSP LCSW licensed therapist, is a woman in business that inspired her by giving a voice to those struggling with incredible difficulties and “always being up for the next challenge in life.” If you ask Shari Servillon and Danielle Johnson (both from our architecture department) that same question, their answers would be Tina Fey and Leslie Knope, respectfully (which we think is quite a fitting pair of answers; if you are familiar with the “Parks and Rec” character, you would agree).

Our team is pretty inspiring in their own right too. We asked Jessica Muehlbauer from our interiors department to share her passions, interests, and goals. Her response? “I must admit I love plants. I love to take care of something and then marvel at the beauty of your labor.” She aspires to one day open her own boutique, featuring a unique way to shop for interiors. Our Administrative Assistant, Stephanie Lutz, is currently attending college to reach her goal of becoming a financial advisor. When we asked Stephanie what impact she has had on the CWM office she said, “Making people happy here, whether it’s joking around to make them smile or always giving a cheery ‘good morning’. They also like to hear me say I’ve made coffee.” 

One of our associates in the architecture department, Wendy Ferrie, feels her impact on our firm stems from her strong relationship with clients, coworkers, and consultants. By treating people with respect and compassion Wendy has made our entire team feel at home, which is just how she’s felt here personally. Her advice to anyone: “be honest with yourself and those you work with. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t think that you are above or below anyone. Work with people as peers and show your appreciation.”

Our next question to the ladies of the office: What motivates you? 

  • Pam: “The people I have around me. I’m fortunate to have great relationships and people in my life that spur my imagination, make me strive to be better, and catch me when I fall.”
  • Lee: “Making others happy. Simply said, but it’s what makes me, me. I love seeing our clients at home in their new space, hearing others impacted by a renovation we helped bring to life, or making someone happy with a batch of my “famous” chocolate chip cookies!”
  • Shari: “Selfless people, acts of kindness and love, and our beautiful planet.”
  • Danielle: ”A deadline, feeling a sense of accomplishment.”
  • Jessica: “A challenge- I love learning something new and having to work hard to figure it out.”
  • Stephanie: “My little brothers. Knowing that they look up to me makes me want to do the best and be the best person I can be.”
  • Wendy: “I want to be proud of the work I did at the end of the day, whether that is with work or with family.”

We couldn’t celebrate the success of women everywhere without asking our team for their perspective and advice for other women looking to make their start! Pam simply says “If you want something, go for it and never give up.” Jessica answered, “Be bold! Have a personality and never apologize for it.” From Shari, “Stand out, create value, and take risks.”

Finally, we asked: what is the first thing you do when you wake up and start your day? Whether it be drink coffee, exercise, snuggle with families or pets, or turn on The Today Show- these ladies come to work every day with a passion for what they do. Thank you for being such inspiring members of our team, not just this October, but all day every day. 

About the author: Darra Kubera is our Marketing Coordinator, and although she made all the ladies answer these “silly” questions she feels weird answering and writing about them herself. So all she’s going to say is that she brings plenty of organization to the team, paired with an annoying obsession for turning things in on time (aka early), and a lot of loud laughter.


Breaking The Mold: Architect Barbie


If you're an avid follower of the CWM social media outlets, then you may have spotted our birthday celebration photo between Shark Girl and the CWM Barbie. Well that photo sparked our realization that some of you may not know that "Architect Barbie" actually originated here in Buffalo! Thanks to Despina Stratigakos and Kelly Hayes McAlonie, both architects working for University at Buffalo, Architect Barbie was taken from just an idea to the winner of the 2011 "I Can Be" doll line. According to a press release from UB, "Mattel was looking to highlight careers where women are underrepresented and 'architect' seemed to be the right fit." 

Barbie's Dream House may not be LEED certified, but this little architect certainly challenges the typical stereotype that many associate with the profession. Kelly Hayes McAlonie hoped it would create awareness of "the importance of design and the architectural profession" and "encourage architectural education in grade schools." 

I find inspiration to break the mold every day in the CWM offices, as we are fortunate to have eight talented ladies sharing their creativity with us. Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, our team is made up of the best of the best and we couldn't be more proud! I encourage you to visit the "Our Faces" section of our website to learn more about the women that make up the CWM team!

CWM: Where Leaders Are Made

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Danielle Johnson on passing her licensing exams this month! In addition, two of our interns are interns no longer - Shari Servillon is now a full-time member of our Architecture Department and Jessica Muehlbauer has joined our Interior Design Department! Well done you three, we couldn't be prouder! 


CANstruction 2014

The design theme for CANstruction 2014 was "CANEY Island," with plans to replicate a carnival one might find on Coney Island.


Sadly, our CANstruction project took a tumble on our second day of construction. The good news is, all the cans and nonperishable food items used will still be donated to the Food Bank of WNY and will be distributed this holiday season to families in need throughout WNY! We know that this will only propel us to do an even bigger and better display next year! 

Some of our past CANstruction designs include:

2008 Bulldozer Hunger

2008 Bulldozer Hunger

2009 Feeding Hunger

2009 Feeding Hunger

2010 Stampeding Hunger

2010 Stampeding Hunger

2011 Building Blocks for Hunger

2011 Building Blocks for Hunger





A New Face In The Office


CWM would like to introduce the newest member of the staff, Bob Kroon! Bob is taking over for longtime Controller Peg Robson who retired this month. He and his wife are returning to Buffalo after many years living outside of WNY. Stay tuned for his bio in the “Our Faces” section of our website.

Holiday Party 2012


Every year the CWM crew leaves work a little early on a Friday evening to head over to the bowling lanes and enjoy some friendly competition, prizes, and a greedy gift exchange. With another year behind us we look forward to what 2013 has in store for us (especially the twin babies that our Associate Wendy Ferrie will be having sometime in the beginning of the year and also the upcoming wedding of our Interiors staff, Todd Piotrowski)!