Buffalo City Mission

Buffalo City Mission

Project In Progress

Following the standards of the newly-enacted Green Code, the plans for a new home for Buffalo City Mission are underway! Buffalo Business First details, here.  "At 74,000-square-feet, the building is nearly double the size of the City Mission’s current 38,318-square-foot home base that sits on the same parcel. The larger size serves as a reflection of the Buffalo City Mission’s growing customer base and demands on the agency.

January 2017 Newsletter




Michigan & Broadway

This $6M, 40,000SF mixed-use project at the southeast corner of Michigan and Broadway is being led by Partner Steve Carmina in partnership with developer Roger Trettel, with RP Oak Hill as construction manager. The buildings at 163-167 Broadway and 64 Nash (circa 1820's and 1880's), will be redeveloped into 18 new apartments and 9,052 SF of commercial space, complete with indoor parking, a restaurant, and 2,000SF donated to a local nonprofit cultural organization, the NAACP. Located in the heart of the Michigan Street African American Heritage Corridor, this is a very important corner; the potential for this building and the surrounding area is quite substantial, with Steve stating "it will be a beacon for people visiting the city to learn about African-American culture, the Underground Railroad, and why the street and city are important." 



CELEBRATE: Surprise Sprinkle for JESSICA MUEHLBAUER and her soon-to-be bundle of joy! Thanks to Hearth+Press for a delicious lunch! 


Our work renovating the former George Washington Elementary School at 1 Delaware Road into a mixed-use building is almost complete! In addition to the 21 luxury apartments and daycare center, this building also now has a SPoT Coffee, which celebrated their grand opening on January 6th! We can smell the cappuccino now... 



At the end of last year, we reached 400 followers on Facebook! Needless to say, we were ecstatic and can't thank you - our loyal fans - enough! We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we're doing, or any suggestions you have on what you'd like to see more of. Simply email our Marketing Coordinator, Darra, at dkubera@cwm-ae.com 

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HOLIDAY 2016 Newsletter

HOLIDAY 2016 Newsletter

CONSTRUCTION WATCH: Lofts at University Heights

We joined CB Emmanuel Realty to celebrate the groundbreaking of the transformation of the former Buffalo Public School 63 into the Lofts at University Heights!


We brought the Buffalo Silo's to life at a local Tops Friendly Markets at the annual CANstruction event! All of the non-perishable food used in the display (10,000 cans!) gets donated to the Food Bank of WNY!

OUR FACES: Meet The CWM Team


Favorite place to visit: The Ocean

What do you consider your hidden talent? Party Dancing

Who is your hero or person of influence? Oprah

How do you overcome challenges at work? I google it or ask for help

NOW OPEN: Seneca One Stop

We're so excited to announce the Seneca One Stop in Niagara Falls is now open! Thanks to project manager Wendy Ferrie, RA for all her hard work! 

GIVE BACK: City Of Light

Each holiday season, members of B Team Buffalo organize a grassroots event called City Of Light. The goal of the initiative is to decorate a neighborhood in the city so that it shines for the holidays. A few of our team members went and volunteered their time, decorating the streets near the Buffalo Central Terminal and adding a sparkling touch to houses in the neighborhood!


We're proudly partnering with The Kissling Interests, LLC to renovate the 11-story structure at 298 Main Street into a mix of office space on the six lower floors and twenty-six apartments on the five upper floors. Happy to welcome tenant Campus Labs to this great space in downtown Buffalo!

LET THEM EAT CAKE (or cookies)

Happy Birthday to Wendy Ferrie and Joe Palumbo! 


Our interiors department did an amazing job recreating Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water House out of gingerbread for the Millington Lockwood competition!! Make sure you check out our Facebook for even more photos and videos!! 


Happy Holidays from the entire Carmina Wood Morris team! We decided to forgo our annual bowling party and instead created a murder-mystery event for our entire staff to enjoy. Some of our staff seriouslyyyyyy got into character, which certainly created an afternoon of laughter! 

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NEWS BROADCAST: AP Lofts at 545 Swan Street

In case you missed it, the CWM team was fortunate to be featured on Ch2-WGRZ, where we got to discuss the project in progress at 545 Swan Street! This historic warehouse is a mixed income project targeted to the diverse workforce in Larkinville and Downtown Buffalo. Make sure you watch the video here: 

CONSTRUCTION WATCH: Tours of Projects in Progress

From rendering to real life- the Crescendo Lofts project at 1502 Niagara is moving right along! Steve Carmina recently paired up with Preservation Buffalo Niagara and our partners, Natale Builders, to give a Hard hat Tour of the property!

From rendering to real life- the Crescendo Lofts project at 1502 Niagara is moving right along! Steve Carmina recently paired up with Preservation Buffalo Niagara and our partners, Natale Builders, to give a Hard hat Tour of the property!

Preservation Buffalo Niagara's second Hard Hat Tour this month was of the Phoenix Brewery Lofts in downtown Buffalo! Partnering with Sinatra Realty, we're bringing back life to this abandoned building!

Preservation Buffalo Niagara's second Hard Hat Tour this month was of the Phoenix Brewery Lofts in downtown Buffalo! Partnering with Sinatra Realty, we're bringing back life to this abandoned building!

OUR FACES: Meet the CWM Team!

Kyle Blackall, Engineering

If you could do any other job what would it be? Airplane Pilot

Who is your hero / person of influence? My Dad

Favorite Hobby? Are video games a hobby? 

BN360: Game Changers

Paul was invited to be a speaker at Buffalo Niagara 360's "Game Changers" event, where people came to meet the movers and shakers who are preserving our local architecture, while also looking to create something new and exciting. Attendees were able to learn why the balance of evolution and preservation is so imperative to the region and where Buffalo is headed next!

GIVE BACK: 500 Block Student Project

Once again, we are partnering with Buffalo State and the 500 Block Association to provide the Sophomore Interior Design students with a unique class project. This month, partners Steve and Pam provided a mid-design critique to help the student's progress. 


We've reached over 300 followers on Facebook! Make sure you're following us too at CarminaWoodMorris


Happy Birthday to our Interiors Department Intern, Elizabeth!

NYSETA Conference

Steve was invited to discuss the importance of downtown developments and give a general look into the redevelopment process. This presentation inspired and educated, with the hopes of better explaining the different challenges of the wide scopes these projects bring about, along with what it means to be involved in our city's resurgence. 


Paul Lang, RA was recently promoted to an Associate! We're honored to have such a talented and dedicated individual as a part of our team! Congratulations Paul!


Hey reader, thanks for joining us! Did you know next month is Historic Preservation Month?! Make sure you catch our next newsletter to hear about all the great work happening in Buffalo!

BN360 Spotlight: Look East to the Next Frontier

Last October, The Buffalo Niagara Partnership young professionals group, BN360, posted a blog from Paul Lang, one of our project architects. In honor of Buffalo's continued rebirth, we decided to repost Paul's article here. We hope you learn a little more about what great things are soon to come for this great city!

"Our region, specifically our city, has been experiencing a renaissance as of late, fueled in large part by our rediscovery and reutilization of our heritage.

While some in the community look for a downtown football stadium or a new convention center as the next steps in our rebirth, I believe our renaissance will continue with development gravitating toward the East Side of Buffalo.

I believe the East Side’s existing infrastructure, historical building stock, and sense of community will lead to investment and the ongoing resurgence east of Main Street, specifically to the Historic Polonia neighborhood.

Admittedly biased by my volunteer efforts throughout this community and specifically my involvement in the Central Terminal Restoration Corp., I see tremendous potential at a reasonable cost which would ultimately create one of the most dynamic and culturally rich districts in the City.


Anchored by the historic Broadway Market, which now functions as a  year round indoor farmers market with community service components, the neighborhood is an extremely short commute from the downtown core, and only one mile from Larkinville. A walkable community, the East Side is home to three cathedrals and other active congregations, interspersed among commercial shopping districts, and intact residential blocks.

Adding to the uniqueness and desirability of the existing district, is the growing urban farming community where Wilson Street Urban Farm and others are re-imagining the vacant lots as active fresh produce producing fields further supporting the growing green initiative inherent to this area.

The potential of this district is where it truly shines. Despite the region’s craft brewing boom, the former Schreiber Brewing facility sits vacant.  Imagine a brewery moving into the historic facility reactivating the frescoed tasting room on the second floor.

Equally exciting are the other historic structures in the district such as Union Stock Yard Bank and Eckhardt Department Store who wait patiently for a new use, despite being in remarkably good condition. Both properties are eligible for Historic Tax Credits and other related redevelopment funding.

There is even a growing movement to create a historic designation for the neighborhood in order to make  additional properties eligible for grants and tax credits.

The most iconic of the historic structures is the Buffalo Central Terminal, which serves as the southern boundary of the neighborhood. The Central Terminal Restoration Corp. will be reopening the concourse for rentals and events in 2016 while reinstalling utilities and moving forward with other critical projects.

As progress advances on restoration of the 523,000 square foot facility, the public will get an enticing taste of what full building utilization will be like. To accomplish this, the organization will be looking for talented and motivated volunteers to help market and manage the facility, as well as explore critical grant funding to finance renovation efforts.

I would encourage all of those who want to make a difference in Buffalo, especially our region’s future leaders, to get involved now and help re-envision a uniquely Buffalo neighborhood.

Not everyone can buy and redevelop a historic property, but simple acts like volunteering, attending events in the area, or simply shopping at the market all goes a long way to advancing the progress. Buffalo’s renaissance is moving east.

Now is the time to get involved to help change the perception of this neighborhood and create a new reality for Buffalo’s East Side. To learn how you can get involved with redevelopment efforts on the East Side, please visit:

Buffalo Central Terminal
Wilson Street Urban Farm
Broadway Market

About the Author: Paul Lang serves as Project Architect at Carmina Wood Morris D.P.C. and also is the Vice Chair of Central Terminal Restoration Corp. Paul has worked on many projects in Buffalo, restoring buildings for mixed-use including The Hotel Lafayette."