Breaking The Mold: Architect Barbie


If you're an avid follower of the CWM social media outlets, then you may have spotted our birthday celebration photo between Shark Girl and the CWM Barbie. Well that photo sparked our realization that some of you may not know that "Architect Barbie" actually originated here in Buffalo! Thanks to Despina Stratigakos and Kelly Hayes McAlonie, both architects working for University at Buffalo, Architect Barbie was taken from just an idea to the winner of the 2011 "I Can Be" doll line. According to a press release from UB, "Mattel was looking to highlight careers where women are underrepresented and 'architect' seemed to be the right fit." 

Barbie's Dream House may not be LEED certified, but this little architect certainly challenges the typical stereotype that many associate with the profession. Kelly Hayes McAlonie hoped it would create awareness of "the importance of design and the architectural profession" and "encourage architectural education in grade schools." 

I find inspiration to break the mold every day in the CWM offices, as we are fortunate to have eight talented ladies sharing their creativity with us. Coming from different backgrounds and experiences, our team is made up of the best of the best and we couldn't be more proud! I encourage you to visit the "Our Faces" section of our website to learn more about the women that make up the CWM team!