What I Learned From Frank Lloyd Wright, An American Architect

With today (June 8th) marking the birthday of one of the greatest American Architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, I thought I'd take the time to share with you what reading about him has taught me. Being a Marketer in the Architecture industry, I've had to educate myself on the numerous influencers and industry leaders. Frank Lloyd Wright, in particular, stood out to me due to his powerful impact on the city I call home, Buffalo. 

According to an Arch Daily post, Frank Lloyd Wright "referred to his architecture as ‘organic’ – in complete harmony with itself and its surroundings, as if it had developed as naturally as a tree – but without necessarily resorting to formal imitation." This is easily identified in The Graycliff Estate, just one of his many works in the city of Buffalo. One of his more memorable structures, the Darwin D. Martin House, was crafted in his Prairie School Style Complex Design. Hundreds of letters between Martin and Wright are archived at the University of Buffalo, showing just one of the many ways that Wright has made an impact on the city and it's up-and-coming architects.  

Google Street View, Darwin D. Martin House

Google Street View, Darwin D. Martin House

While pursuing an article on 10 Best Destinations featuring the top 10 Best Architecture Attractions in Buffalo, I realized how many amazing structures we are fortunate to have here in the city! How many people can say that there are more than a dozen buildings worth visiting where they live?! Wright may have been considered a "lone genius," but his designs are renowned for a reason. His timeless creations showcase a strong vision combined with a talent that cannot be denied. I may not know everything there is to know about Architecture, but I can certainly appreciate how Wright inspired the Architects of Buffalo for the better. 

Do YOU have a favorite Architect?! Let us know who and why in the comments below! You may even inspire a future blog post! :)