Local Design Firm Mentors Buffalo State Students


Carmina Wood Morris, DPC has been mentoring Interior Design students from Buffalo State College. Tasked with completing a semester-long project, CWM rendered their services to help these young designers gain an understanding of the buildings that make up the heart of downtown Buffalo while they create housing solutions through a variety of media. Mr. Carmina conducted a site walkthrough, describing the history of the buildings and giving advice to the students.

Steve Introducing Students to Project
Desk Critiques for Buff State Students

Desk critiques to aid the students in the process were performed by Mr. Carmina, Mr. Morris, and Mrs. Timby-Straitiff, three of our partners. Danielle Johnson in our Architecture department then participated in a portfolio review and mock interviews, giving the students a unique opportunity to prepare for the field. The final critique and IIDA event are scheduled for mid-May.


“We are proud to support this project again this year,” said Pam Timby-Straitiff. “Engaging the students in the true resurgence of this block ignites the passion for their work to a new level.”

Going into further detail about the project, Assistant Professor Eric Dolph for the Department of Interior Design at SUNY Buffalo State stated: "In the 500 Collectors project, students are asked to combine a large number of restrictions to arrive at a creative solution for a penthouse atop the buildings of the 500 block of Main Street. They investigate a hypothetical collector of a unique artifact and draw inspiration from that collection. They're also asked to consider how their design will address the historic character of the existing building and how to make a space accessible for all users, including those with mobility impairments. They prepare a full conceptual project including finishes and furniture proposals within a span of 6 weeks. Carmina Wood Morris has been an enthusiastic and invaluable partner in this project."