AIABEP Animal House Competition

One of our Interior Designers entered this years AIABEP Animal House Competition and although he did not receive an award we are very proud of his submission and wanted to show it off!

Parakeet Elaviatorium

This abandoned elevator shaft has been converted into an enclosure that provides parakeets with all the luxuries of their natural environment and simultaneously offers building tenants a unique bird watching experience. The Elaviatorium is composed of essential regions that each play an integral role in maintaining the animals well being.

Food is located at the lobby level. Seed and fruit are bordered by a pool of perpetually circulating water. Visitors to the building can get an intimate look at the birds from either side of the glass.

An aluminum tower ascends from the ground floor of the building, rises through the shaft, and soars above the rooftop. The narrow tower structure and low profile perimeter treatments make the shaft ideal for unobstructed flying and travel between levels. The levels are in rhythm with the building’s floors and consist of areas to nest and perch. A commitment to smooth structure and finishes creates and absence of superfluous ledges and niches. This dictates where nesting and perching occur. Lining the shaft are living walls that provide nesting materials and synchronized light fixtures that replicate natural daylight in order to maintain the bird’s circadian rhythm.

Viewing balconies at each level give homage to highly ornamented historical elevators while using materials associated with modern “aircraft” style.

At the rooftop of the Elaviatorium birds will find grit necessary for proper feeding, bathing areas, and open flying space. Angled glass panels refract light so as to not pose a danger by appearing too clear and unidentifiable.