campus labs

Buffalo, 2016

We partnered with the Kissling Interests to transform 40,000SF, floors 3-6, in Buffalo's historic White Building. This rapidly growing data analytics and software development company aim to make a memorable impact the moment its visitors step off the elevator.  A green cube, made from carpet tiles of various pile lengths and shades, is the backdrop to prominently placed illuminated signage and the corporate logo suspended from cascading wood slats.  The café space on the 6th floor accommodates some of these demands with expansive symmetrical kitchenettes, candy dispensers, coffee stations and service islands used to provide lunch daily. A pattern created by connecting the nodes of the company’s logo is cut into a panel supported by clear standoffs and backlit by color changing LEDs. An atrium constructed to span the elbow of the building not only improves the circulation between wings, but also creates unique collaborative and presentation spaces flanked by formerly exterior walls. The cool neutral palette subdues strategically placed pops of color, while the corridor’s monolithic tile installation and aping linear wood ceiling very intentionally emphasize the building’s vertex.