AP Lofts

Buffalo, NY

Located in the Hydraulics/Larkin Neighborhood Historic District, the City of Buffalo’s earliest manufacturing district dating from the 1820’s, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Warehouse was the regional headquarters for the nation’s leading grocer for much of the twentieth century.

The buildings existing mushroom columns & exposed ceilings were highlighted carefully to celebrate the historic and industrial nature of the building. While approaching the street side entrance, you are greeted by a modern mural that showcases historic moments of the buildings timeline.

The interiors of the building, were void of any natural light sources beyond the thin windows that wrapped the exterior. Windows were set high on the walls historically to allow for maximum storage in the spaces while allowing natural daylight to wash the ceiling and reflect into the space. While it was important to maintain as much historic fabric as possible, it quickly became clear that in order to make the project feasible, the building would need to be augmented to incorporate another light source into the central portion of the building to make apartment units feasible. A light well carved out of each floor slab on residing floors in the buildings center, disperses and shares natural light to the units. The restoration of the A&P Warehouse, speaks to and adds to the ‘renaissance’ the City of Buffalo has and continues to experience as we move further into the twenty-first century, as Buffalo quickly strengthens and become an economic and cultural hub in Western New York.