79 Perry street

Buffalo, 2018

Project In Progress: We're thrilled to be partnering with Pegula Sports and Entertainment, McGuire Development, and Labatt USA to bring the redevelopment of 79 Perry Street Hi-Temp building to life in Buffalo's Cobblestone District! This circa 1920 building previously served as a warehouse for the Flickinger Co., a local supermarket operator. Plans call for Labatt USA's corporate headquarters and restaurant/brewery on the first two floors, corporate offices for the third and fourth floors, and apartments for the sixth floor. We are seeking state and federal historic tax credits to help finance the project. This project serves as a major key development bridge between Canalside and Cobblestone Districts!

The Draft Room:

The Draft Room embodies Buffalo’s blue collar culture, innovative spirit and passion for rebirth by showcasing elements of industrial familiarity alongside whimsical decor, modern graphics and re imagined architectural features. Paying special attention to maintain a clear view through the central core allows patrons to experience the entire length and magnitude of the ground floor. Clamshell doors lining the cobblestone street open into a former loading dock where varying seating heights and configurations create infinite perspectives of the split level space. Wall murals combine with existing building fabric and ornamental installations to create intriguing vignettes that illustrate a consistent narrative throughout the restaurant. 

Labatt brew house:

Coming Soon!

fifco USA offices:

The FIFCO USA office simultaneously embraces the historic qualities of the building it occupies while clearly communicating its bright and lively corporate identity. The design celebrates the restored beauty of brick, wood, concrete and other components unique to the existing structure. Newly introduced materials and fixtures selected with environmental awareness reflect the companies value to be a positive contributor to the environment. These selections include recycled paint, a recycled glass counter top, efficient electric hand dryers and water bottle filters. To highlight beer as the epicenter of the brand, kegs are re purposed as sinks and light fixtures, while recycled bottles create a feature wall outside the conference room.